Noel Clarke Blogs About Meeting Kristen

Noel Clarke last year's recipient of BAFTA's Rising Star Award blogged about Kristen and it was so good that I had to share it with all of you. This is just an excerpt of what he had to say upon meeting our baby girl, I would suggest to read his full entry. Thanks to Christina for the tip. Hugs you!

"So what did I get from our little chat and the hand on the shoulder in the pic. And these are my opinions only. I got a sense of a lovely, nervous and shy girl who respected the other actors she was up against and was a bit overwhelmed by winning. More importantly than that, I see a girl got into this acting job because she wants to actually act and play different roles. There is a difference between wanting to act and wanting to be a star.

It’s difficult at any age when you can’t go anywhere with out people wanting a piece of you, and she is still young. People who said she was weird on stage, well… I don’t really agree. It’s a little daunting up there, I would love to see some of her detractors get up in front of 2000 or so people with only your name as notice, (she didn’t know she was getting it) and half of those people be people that do the same job as you and are looking at you from head to toe, and all you want to do is just not fall over. It’s not easy.

In closing, don’t have a bad word to say about Ms Stewart. And there is no agenda here, I’m not kissing anyone’s ass. I don’t do that… I’m not getting anything for this, I don’t profess to know her because of our one meeting, I’m not on her radar, probably won’t get to work with her and I may never see her again, But she was genuinely a really, very nice girl, and being on the jury I had to watch almost every movie she’s done, that we could get our hands on from the last few years and the girl can fucking act, there is no question about that.

So. Would i have liked Nick to win..? Sure.

Am i upset that Kristen won? No way.

Did she deserve to win? Yeah she did, and i’m glad she did.

She was talented enough for us jury members to put her there in the first place and the public support her the most. Done deal.

She may be a Mega star now, but she is still a rising star in terms of where her career is going, because just being in a blockbuster doesn’t make you a good actor. The girl is talented and has made some smart choices beyond the big movies.

So mark my words… If anyone will be known for much more than twilight in about 20 years time, it’ll be her.