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Pattinson, Brosnan Showdown Ends With Big Twist

The pairing of Robert Pattinson and Pierce Brosnan as father and son in "Remember Me" has had fans atwitter since the cast was announced, but it's the film's surprise ending that will keep the buzz alive.

Pattinson is sharp in this beautifully shot film, and one-time James Bond Brosnan is in top form. Their thick onscreen New York accents might slip a bit in the heat of their constant arguing, given Pattinson's a Brit and Brosnan an Irishman. But Pattinson makes coming out on the wrong end of cop fights and cramped student living in New York look appealing, while the polished Brosnan looks perfectly at home in his big business surroundings.

But the big talking point when this movie hits screens next month will be the surprise twist of an ending. For the sake of maintaining the surprise, we'll keep the details short on this massive twist. Suffice it to say it makes "The Book of Eli's" blind-reveal look pretty tame in comparison. It's a whopper.

Popcorn Biz will have a full review shortly before "Remember Me" opens on March 12.

source via PattinsonLife

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