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Kristen bites back

Twilight star Kristen Stewart looked every bit the messy teenager as she trundled up to claim the rising star award at the Baftas. "Nobody told me there was going to be, like, fuckin' royalty," she told me afterwards.

A blend of awkward ingenue and seasoned pro, Stewart turns 20 in April and hopes it heralds a new era. "I seem to play disaffected teens, but then how else you gonna be at that age?" As a rising star juror, I risk protocol to tell her she was included on overall acting merit, Twilight phenomenon aside. She sighs a thank you. "I am grateful to my fans for voting, but I wish Twilight wasn't so rampant, then I could have judged myself against the others on a more level playing field."

She will soon be seen playing Joan Jett in The Runaways – "I had to do that movie quickly cos I was getting too old" – before heading back to Oregon for the next two Twilight movies. Before that, however, she's presenting at the Oscars with her buff werewolf co-star Taylor Lautner. Will he keep his top on? "That's funny. You're funny," she says, not laughing.