Kristen's Winning The BAFTA Vid Analysis

For all you guys who missed it. Well, I almost did because I was so busy blogging and you have got to admit the show was boring as hell, except for the Rob and Kristen parts. I would like to thank my sweetie, KPattzNews for pointing this out to me. The BAFTA coverage failed big time for not showing us some critical (LOL) reactions of Rob when Kristen won and was making her speech nor did they pan on Kristen when Rob was on stage during his presentation. Think of all the money shots we missed, tsk, tsk. Does BAFTA have outtakes? LOL
Well, anyway we have to make do of what we have and this what came up.

0:44 You can see where Rob and Kristen were seated

0:57 Smiles directly at Rob's direction. Precious BAFTA RobSten moment!

So that's it. She smiled at Rob's direction but we cannot see if he was looking at her or not. Again, thanks to the amazing *snort* TV coverage. About that hand on his shoulder thing? Well, I guess we have to pay big bucks to pay for the full cut of this sequence to find out. So far, it is a myth at this point...but it is a possibility.

Vid by proudtobemwah