RobSten Spotted In Ventnor?

We all know that the Isle of Wight is ‘the’ place to be on New Year’s Eve and Ventnor is no exception.

So it’s no surprise to hear from friend and reader of VB, Norbie, that Twilight (blockbuster vampire films) stars Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart have been spotted in our dear town, Ventnor.

Charlotte Stockdale gave us the first heads-up at about 1pm this afternoon asking “is it true Robert Pattinson is on the IOW?” on Twitter.

It’s anyone’s guess of where they’re heading tonight, but if you’re venturing out, don’t forget to take some garlic … and a camera to send us a photo.source
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Thanks to Ann and Kamin for the heads up! So does that mean that the reservations made for a private accomodation in the countryside hinted before were true? I mean THIS .