Thank you 2009. Hello there 2010! STICKY POST

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Hello my lovies, it's time to thank you all for always making my RobSten adventure more colorful and def more fun! 2009 was a wonderful year for Rob and Kristen and I only see a brighter future for both of them for the coming 2010. We have a million and one RobSten bubbles all year round, as I showed you in the Best of RobSten 2009. And if you missed them, I made some RobSten flashback and timelines in three parts
Part 1 Twilight time
Part 2 Twi promos for 2008
Part 3 The Heat is On for 2009

Well, the bubble will not rest at all in 2010, crosses fingers. LOLZ, so I hope you will all still be with me for the ride. Here's a shoutout to all of you who made my 2009 more RobSten sparkly...
My lovies Khou, Ines, Sunny, Gigi, Libenet, Kamin, Gen, Jen, Natni, Cora, Baby, Chelsea, Audrey, Azwa, Spellbound, Raven, Iwry, Carlie, Viniciane, Fiorels, Gina, Greeneyes, Candice, Orlandobloomiscute, Mandy, Bathmateus, Snowqueen, Kpsp95, Megan, Khphrase, Jimmy, Jummy, Manuela, Ohmyedward, Cullenlovex, Everblue, Abeelicious, Purplebel, Ana, Lena, Team spunk ransom, Twilight crazy, Monique24, Pillowbiter, Kelley, Linda, Ashley, Robsten4everinlove, Philippe, Jeepers77, Natasha, Loli, Dating london, Shoshanna, Lori, Gin0271, Rakeback, TommyGirl, Michelle, Preboomer, Miszacasian, Courtney,Em, Riley, Hayley, Jtwilightaddict, Suri, Maia, ClaireCullen, Svenie, BeckySure, Riane, - OMG! I know there are more... to all my silent followers, thanks so much, too.

My fave K shipper Ines! I am holding on your RM promise, ok? I haven't forgotten that LMAO.
Khou, Ines, Sunny, Gigi, Gen, Jen, Kamin, and Lib. You guys are so solid, you surprise me everytime. Kisses!
To Lib, Maika/patty13Mai, Sally/Gemamisas, Snowqueen/Fradigre, and Gen/Bai77 who make the most wonderful RobSten vids. More please hunnies for 2010, ok?
To our affiliates and our friends at RP Life, PattinsonLife, KStewartfans, TwilightExchage. Thanks so much.
And to all my Twitter babes who are just as RobSten crazy and pervy as I am, thanks to all of you.