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22. Kristen Stewart - Most Glamorous
Today, we're kicking things off with the Pretty Young Things that have totally transformed television, movies, modeling, and more. They're the new guard, and they've already made a seriously chic impression on us in a very short time. But now we want to hear what you think! VOTE here

11. Robert Pattinson.
We're focusing our attention on the chiseled jaws, fab abs, and smoldering stares of the up-and-coming boys worth crushing on. They're the guys who make us wonder, "Is it warm in here?" when the air conditioning is blasting at a chilly 55 degrees; ...the actors who somehow turned us from grown women with important jobs to squealing schoolgirls who can't wait to see the next installment of a tween fantasy vampire series.

Vote for #11 - Rob Pattinson!
(Important note - Rob is #12 in the picture, and #11 in the actual poll)
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