New Interview With Topp Mag - Norway

TOPP flirted with Robert Pattinson (23) in Los Angeles.
50% heartrob. 50% vampire. Why do girls all over the world fall in love with Robert Pattinson?

Robert loves you.

That was the first impression we got when we met the hearthrob in Beverly Hills for an interview. TOPP have met the 23-year old two times earlier, but we haven't been 100% charmed. But today, he is in a good mood. Robert leans back in his chair, crosses his legs and takes a sip from a bottle of Fiji water.

- Hi, Robert smiles flirty, and pulls his fingers through his signature messy hair.

When he plays the vampire hearthrob Edward Cullen, his face is painted white like a chalk, but today he is kissed by the sun with rosy cheeks.

I've never understood why people think that vampires are sexy, Robert laughs.
- Pale white skin, what's so sexy about that? he asks and smiles. He knows very well that millions of teenagers all over the world disagrees with him.
- The first time I looked in the mirror after I'd got my make-up done for Twilight, I thought "Oh my God, what do I look like?!".

As usual, he's not very interested in talking about himself. He doesn't feel like a hearthrob, and he would never have thought the fact that he would become a teenage idol.
Rob: If you had asked any of my old class mates, they would all have answered the same; that they never expected this from me, laughs.

In Twilight, his acting skills were not the only thing that impressed, but also his musical talent. Many of his own songs are in the movie, and the fans are excited for more of his music.

Rob: I've actually written a lot of songs lately, so I hope that I can release some music after a while, Robert smiles uncanny.

But, I have to have the time to make the music, and at the moment I am busy with promotion and filming the Twilight saga.

He is irritatingly silent when we ask him about his relationship with Kristen Stewart. But considering his great mood, we think that their relationship is going very well.

What does your dream date look like?
Rob: Oh, how difficult. I suck at dating. It's not the same thing in the UK as in the US. In USA you date a lot of people at the same time. If you do that where I am from, you are considered a slut.

So, you're the kind of guy that sitcks with one woman?
Rob: One at a time, yes. Robert laughs.

The chemistry between Bella and Edward is like magic - what do you think is the reason behind this?

Rob: Well, Bella is the first woman Edward ever has fallen in love with. Remember that he has been living for more than 100 years, so it's pretty special. A lot of times, you get absolutely obsessed with your first girlfriend. You get so obsessed that you ignore the negative sides about the person...

There's a lot of heartache in New Moon. Edward has to leave Bella even though he don't want to, and Jacob is in love with her. Have you ever gotten your heart broken?
Rob: No, I haven't. Maybe a little bit. But I've never been completely heartbroken.

Edward dreams about an eternal life together with Bella.

What do you dream about during the night?

Rob: I don't dream much. I wish I dreamed more, but I haven't lately...

Are you afraid that people will remember you as Edward Cullen forever?
Rob: I expect that people will connect me with him for a couple of years in the future. But one thing is for sure, if someone comes up to me in 25 years and calls me Edward, I'll beat them down, Robert laughs.

We have read a couple of interviews with you lately where you seems to be pretty sad about the situation you are in...

Rob: (laughs) You have read them too, yes? I have to admit, if you take every interview I've done lately and put them together, I sound like a suicidal person. But that is of course not the case. When I did these interviews, I was working a lot and was very tired. Now I see that i didn't sound very positive.

So, the fans can relax, you are doing fine?
Rob: (laughs) Yes, I enjoy the moment - at least sometimes.

Translation by Birgit and the rest of the scans at ROBsessed. Thanks Kate.

How would you feel if you have a gigantic Robward banner of this picture of him, say... 20 feet tall at least? Haha, yep, I have that! It's a Christmas gift from one of my lovies here, Kamin. I can fall in love with brooding Edward anytime I want. And, I may or may not need buy a mall (haha, no kidding) to hang it. Thanks again Kamin, you are amazing!