Twitrinity Wants Weitz To Direct Breaking Dawn- Gossip Cop Debunks

GossipCop "When the tabs don’t have actual news to report, contrived controversy will do in a pinch — especially when it comes to “Twilight.” Life & Style declares in just such a piece, “Battle for Breaking Dawn,” that “cast and producers are at odds over the making of the fourth movie in the smash series.”

What has the magazine learned? Well, not much. It mostly recycles nuggets about Stephenie Meyer’s fourth installment’s “serious departure” in tone from the first three books; the ongoing discussion about whether it should be split into more than one movie; stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner’s rapidly filling schedules; etc.

Catching Gossip Cop’s eye, though, was the section labeled, “Director demands.” While Summit Entertainment is “still searching for a director to helm Breaking Dawn,” the leads “are adamant about wanting New Moon’s Chris Weitz.” So adamant, in fact, that according to the mag’s so-called “insider,” “Rob, Taylor and Kristen sat down and wrote a letter to have Chris come back.”

Gossip Cop thought the story of the “Twilight” Trio writing a joint endorsement of Weitz sounded a bit off, especially coming in the midst of a piece that just seemed to repeat every “Breaking Dawn” angle, however played out and speculative, to fill the space.

We were right to be skeptical. A source close to the production said that the three major stars of “New Moon,” while very pleased with Weitz, never wrote a letter demanding he take over “Breaking Dawn.”

Anyone who wants to write Life & Style a letter “applauding” (ahem) their “Twilight” coverage is encouraged to do so. "
Since we are on the subject of directing Breaking Dawn, my girls and I agreed that whoever will be at the helm of the fourth ( and fifth?) installment share the directing job with Catherine Hardwicke, especially when it comes to Edward and Bella's tender moments so no shoulder-blocks will happen or whatever that might ruin BD. Give us solid love scenes, please we beg you Summit and Stephanie Meyer. Fading to black does not usually work in the big screen. It's visual so give us the "reel deal", Edward and Bella waited long enough and so did we.