Kristen: The Belle of 2009

It’s safe to say, 2009 was certainly a stellar year for actress Kristen Stewart.

The beautiful brunette began her acting career at the age of eight and has since been featured in over 30 films, one of those being “Twilight” which launched her into international stardom.

The “Twilight Saga” consists of three films (so far) based on Stephanie Meyer’s bestselling vampire romance including “Twilight,” “New Moon” and “Eclipse” - in which Stewart shines as lead role, Bella Swan.

It was on the set of these films that the 19-year-old actress was introduced to Robert Pattinson, who plays the role of Edward Cullen in the popular saga.

The two, who share an intense on-screen romance, have since caught the attention of millions of fans all over the world, and have sparked hopeful rumors that they share an off-screen romance as well.

Choosing to stay very private about the matter, their relationship has not been confirmed publicly, but from the looks of it, Stewart and Pattinson are one of the hottest couples in Hollywood.

If you can’t get enough of the lovely Kristen, you’re in luck! She has four films - “The Runaways,” “Welcome to the Rileys,” “Eclipse” and “K-11” - coming out in 2010.

source via KStewartfans