Bella Belongs to Edward

This is a hilarious fan vid of Jacob singing " You Belong To Me" to Bella. The lyrics... EPIC funny!

Well, before Jake really believes Bella belongs to him. Yep, it's cuckoo time- LOLZ
I gathered some photos of Bella and the hot-vamp-bitchy-pale-guy she truly belongs to.
If you're seeing RobSten in there, its not my fault- it's the chemistry, animosity- whatever! haha.

I can't find any raw pic of this magcover scan, but Edward and Bella here are so pweedy! He held her tight. Le sigh...

Is this the kind of PDA you guys wanted to witness from London? more LOLZ. Haha, I know I'm killing Khou and Sunny for this!

Lets add more "muy caliente" Edward Bella *coughs* RobSten makeout sessions!

I'm out of air from my own post, haha. How is that even possible? Maybe we'll have more looney yearender posts... I'm having more fun doing this rather than lurking in Twitterverse -too much drama going on.
Sad day! GossipCop already reported about Tay and Swiftie's breakup. I'm quite sad about this. I was really looking forward to a double date for the People's Choice. Oh no! Now Tay has to hang out with Rob and Kristen again. Hurry we need a date for Taylor... anyone up for the task???