Ted C. The Awful Truth: Let RobSten Be

Ted C. E!OnLine The AwfulTruth
Dear Ted:
Love you! But on to my comment: Why can't people just let Robsten do their thing? I know that I'm just playing in to the craziness by writing in, but if going out with friends and being in a relationship are mutually exclusive then god help us all. They don't have to be attached at the hip to be happy. I'd love to so closely scrutinize some of your reader's relationships and see how they fare.

Dear Space Issues:
Agreed. Seems like Rob and Kristen know that, too—why do you think they've been able to do their thing for so long? It's so not pressure filled like a lot of people make it out to be. I'm even jealous of their chill relaysh!

Dear Ted:
Why are people so intent on making it seem as though something bad is going on between Robsten? They assume that because they haven't been seen together in awhile, despite their Venice beach date, that they have broken up and moved on. I know that they are still together, and no news is good news, right?

Dear Drives Me Crazy:
Kristen has only been papped once in the last month and Rob a couple times, but they are still alive and kickin'.

Dear Ted:
Seriously people are crazy over R.Pattz and saying that it's wrong for him to hang out with friends without his "unconfirmed" girlfriend, K.Stew. What is wrong with a couple spending time with their friends separately? I don't see anything wrong with that and I think people are getting a little too obsessed with it. Have you see this type of treatment with other celebrities in the past? I can't think of anyone that has received so much buzz about who he is dating and so much hate toward the girl in question, even though we all know that Robsten is real!

Dear Rational:
You seem to be thinking clearly...are you writing into the right blolum? No, I haven't seen this kinda couple speculation like there has been with Robsten. Not even Brangelina.

ROBsessed reports that their "sources" tell that Rob is back in London. There are also tweets that say that he was seen at LAX Dec. 21. No other reports are available. I just hope he is happy relaxing and celebrating the Holidays with his family and loved ones, of course Kristen included. I really hope she was just stealthy at the airport.