Elf Rob Greets You a Merry Christmas

HOLLYWOOD CRUSH: Good news, Crushers: We've made our list, checked it twice, and found out that you've been nice this year. Very nice. So nice, in fact, that we've got a present for you! If you ever dreamed of waking up and finding Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson, Ian Somerhalder, Cory Monteith, and Alexander Skarsgard under your tree (um, who hasnt?!?), well ... this is the second-best thing.

Unfortunately we couldn't get these guys to deliver any gifts themselves (something about spending time with their families and not enough money or time in the world), but the Elf Yourself video we made of the holiday hotties is just as great. I can't decide which part is my favorite — the boys tiny little elf hands and feet as they're dancing at the end, seeing Ian emerge from a gift and shout "five golden rings," or the fact that a brooding Edward Cullen is singing high-pitched elf songs in a cute little elf outfit. You know that's something you've always wanted to see.