Lainey Gossip: Best of Kristen in 2009

Best of 2009: Kristen Stewart steeze
LaineyGossip Apart from that dumbass Harper’s Bazaar shoot for the Sears catalogue which was totally not her fault, Kristen Stewart made very few missteps this year on and off the carpet. Not everyone can pull off a Joan Jett mullet the way Kristen Stewart pulls off a mullet – with a middle finger in the face of those who insist that girls should wear pretty bows and ringlets. In an industry full of too many blondes who blend in as one indistinguishable Hills face, Stewart so far seems to be refusing to succumb to a prescribed sartorial mold. Very cool.

Her selections at the summer award shows were pure fresh attitude and her wardrobe during the New Moon publicity blitz was almost flawless, demonstrating through it all a willingness to look not like everyone else but to experiment with her own style personality. At 19, you experiment. At 19, you can afford to. With her face, she should. And she does. And most of the time it’s a super win. Without a fake tan, without a weave, without concrete tits, and above all, without desperation. She wants to be stylish, sure, but she doesn’t slave away for it either. She’s not like Lindsay Lohan begging to be declared an “icon”, on her knees every time a photo shoot opportunity comes around.

2009 also saw the emergence of Kristen Stewart as a player in the fame game, a much smarter, savvier, and willing participant in an industry in which she seems fully capable of thriving. She KNOWS. And she works it. And she’ll benefit from it. And this is good. So for all you Twi-Hards who are constantly complaining about the paps and to leave them alone and it’s too much and this and that….chill. This is not a helpless flailing wide-eyed vulnerable starlet who cannot navigate the Life.
Other than Lainey dissing on the Harper's Bazaar shoot which we all love. I'm all happy with this article. She speaks the truth, she is no " helpless flailing wide-eyed vulnerable starlet" - Kristen is absolutely badass and can def take care of herself.