'Water for Elephants' Production Notes

Cast and crew talk about the movie. Lots of comments from Rob and about Rob.

Great read! For anyone who hasn't read the book or script, these contain spoilers.

Francis Lawrence on Rob: "I thought Rob was Jacob Jankowski. It was difficult to find a young man of age 23 or 24 who didn't seem too young for the part. Rob was already a man. He is thoughtful, intelligent, empathetic, strong and confident."

Rob Quotes: "Someone sent me the book and I immediately connected to it."
"Jacob notices Marlena's beauty and charisma right away. He also notes her strong bond with animals she works with during her performances; that's another thing they share."
Somehow it seemed that Francis and Richard had added more to the story."
"Jacob is mysterious and quiet. He's an observer. He's always watching people and he has an intuitive relationship with the animals and a deep understanding of human nature."
"Rosie's demeanor is so fascinating that it magnifies the characters' experiences with her. And I exactly feel the same way working with Tai, I've never been next to an enormous that is so graceful and careful around people."

Sunny, this is for you bb. "Tai was never struck. We never even used a rubber or spongey hook with Tai. The hook never got anywhere near her." Animal Humane Association monitored these and all other scenes involving the animals.

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