Rob's MTV Interview in 4-Part Video- Daily Motion. Plus Pictures and Screencaps


The 4-part video is under the CUT. 
You can still use the segment guide I made for the all-in-one video.
Plus pictures from MTV and some screencaps. parts of this interview via Daily Motion.

And if you want the Rough Cuts version from MTV click HERE 30 vids in all

MTV Pictures

Screencaps-TwilightPoison viaRPLife

And the first 2 parts in Daily Motion also via TwiBritneyFan, if you're interested.
Sorry but YT vids are being pulled out by MTV as soon as they are being uploaded.

First Clip - Rob by twilightbritneyfan

Second Clip Rob by twilightbritneyfan

Rob Clip 3 by twilightbritneyfan

Robert Clip 4 by twilightbritneyfan

You can still use this segment guide, I made for the all-in-one vid. Its still in chronological order as per the 4-part vid above. 

A little guide for you guys - From the start until 6:20 he talks about WFE, Reese and Tai. Answered the 'dog question' his name is Bear at 6:25. At 6:30 they showed a clip of Reese talking about Rob "such a great guy from a great family" and Rob talks about Reese. Rob talks about his costars, mentions working with 'hot girls' lol at 8:20. Rob answers questions about Sara Gruen, his accents, speaking Polish at 9:00. At 11:04,he talks about BD, Christopher Walken and Jersey accent. At 11.30 talks about love scenes in WFE, Bel Ami, "the one in BD is pretty funny". He talks about the the 1930's setting at 13:00. Josh showed the lookback vid of Rob's hairstyles at 14.50, he loves the 'wavy forest'. A question from Ashley Greene, lol Rob answers what his shampoo is 16.40. At 17:00 Rob clears the Bieber encounter. They talk about the MTV Van Halen jacket at 17:50. The first MTV Twi interview at 19:00, R/K talk about their Twi kiss, TwiTuesday, Larry Carroll. He regrets wearing the suit he wore in the first Twi Premiere at 21:41 "too small". At 22:30 Josh asked him about his thoughts of being an actor, he mentions Kristen's approach to acting, "its obvious" lol. Talks about Bel Ami at 24:40, 'Greystoke' and 'behaving like monkeys' with his friends at 25:27. Cosmopolis at 25:55. WFE, CGI and animals at 27:00. 'Daredevil' rumors,superheroes at 27:30, "David Slade should play him". At 28:40, Unbound Captives "I don't know". At 29.00, Josh mentions the Vanity Fair interview and his writing plans "so many misquotes on that" "top secret". At 29:40, they talk about Breaking Dawn and Mackenzie - him and Kristen swearing in front of her lol. He confirmed playing the piano as Edward but didn't sing the lullaby. About music, at 31:15, he mentions learning to play the cello, his friends touring, playing gigs. At 32:00 - rapid fire twitter questions, mentions about rapping, Wu Tang, Pump and Grind or Purple Rain, Glee, fave city Houston, Philly, SNL, Tay on SNL. At 34:00, dancing in WFE. Last question was about working with Oscar winners and his working experience in WFE.