Judi Shekoni, BD's Zafrina is Team Edward. Mentions Rob.

LargeManchester Judi Shekoni plays Zafrina in Breaking Dawn.
What has it been like working with the cast?
Everyone has been super nice, there’s an atmosphere of family. Spending time with everyone has been great, Rob (Pattinson) is such a laugh and it’s been an enjoyable experience. There’s a mix of nationalities here, and the Canadians are a lot like the Brits with their humour. Sometimes you can join a project like this and be met by a few prima-donnas, but that couldn’t be further from the truth here. All us newcomers are welcomed like we’ve been involved since the beginnings. It helps that we’re in the most beautiful hotel. It’s like a network of private mini lodges; I’ve even got my own fireplace!”

Are you Team Edward or Jacob?
I’d have to say Team Edward. Being a fan of the books, it’s hard not to fall for him; he is the dream man we’re all looking for.
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Although previously,  Ms. Shekoni was Team Both lol I'm glad she made up her mind and chose the winning team!