TwitterTime with Chris Weitz- Part 11

More tweets from chrisweitz. Some were from 'Rob day', March 18th.

SkylarLSpencer @chrisweitz Can you caption this Rob Pattinson pic?

"This f'in elephant gets NO f'in water."

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@chrisweitz chris one question that I have been wanting to ask you is why did you cut to black at the end of new moon?? and not see bella get in trouble by charlie
Well, I think that would have been a lot less dramatic. For me the whole movie was building up to a point of dramatic tension.

RobMozDean@chrisweitz If you had a daughter and she left for 3 days, like Bella did in NM, what would've been your reaction??? You been chasin' that no good vampire around agin'!

tamzpcl@chrisweitz ~in the nm book edward stint w/volturi is much different.y does he get beat up n the movie?? I like to see Rob getting pushed around

tamzpcl@chrisweitz ~y would u wanna make edward look pansy? he's sposed to be indestructable. same thing was done eclipse wit victoria n riley! Meh, Tammy, disagree, he's not indestructible to the Volturi. And the film needed some kinetic action.

More after the CUT

smurfy_tapz@chrisweitz Rob and Kristen always mentioned about you being the most compassionate person they met and they're right! So true

kstewartloove@chrisweitz SAY SOMETHING ABOUT KRISTEN "the queen!" STEWART lol!!! she's so beautiful, right ? i think she's the definition of perfection Certainly... Please don't hurt me ;)

Caty_ec@chrisweitz the scene of bells&jake at the truck where she sais wont let u get lost, reminding u how special u r everyday, was your idea? Kristen and I talked about what sort of thing she would say at that moment.

micarojas@chrisweitz what's the first thing that comes to your mind when you see your work done and u go back to just being Chris? Sleeeeeeeep. Hey I better stay quiet or the twihards are gonna git me! ;) they gotta talk Rob

sccrbbkim@chrisweitz Rob was wonderful as always on the MTV interview! Do you think you will ever do another movie with him? I'd like to, he's good fun

sexbombstewy@chrisweitz when bella turned off the radio, the song title is "All I Believe In", various artist #justsayin. oh -- right you are. Then it's played by The Magic Numbers and Amadou and Miriam

evangelinesalo@chrisweitz loved your work on the Twilight Saga. How was it different than other movies you have worked on? It was the first time I was working in a series that had already been established; so some rules weren't to be broken!

arceecullen@chrisweitz Will you watch Leno??Rob's there.. :) and have you seen the new clip of WFE?? Not even Rob can make me watch Leno

TwiFrancoKitsch@chrisweitz what made you use the song 'Possibility' in New Moon? Great choice by the way. Liked Lykke Li's 1st album. We had her see the movie & she said she had an idea for the roundy round scene, as we call it.

VitaminR70 @chrisweitz Rob answered my karaoke question tonight on MTV. Did you ever sing Purple Rain with him? What's your favorite karaoke song? I do a pretty good Johnny Cash. Probably because it's easy.

@AddisonCullen: @chrisweitz what's ur favorite song on the NM soundtrack? (i LOVE it, btw)” thanks. The Bon Iver track, I think. The odd thing is I never listen to the NM soundtrack; it just feels like it would be a bit self-absorbed of me.

CcPrincess20@chrisweitz would you go to Robs WFE premiere next month IF theres actually one here in LA?! That would be so cool if u attended I keep checking the mailbox...

TeamTaylorLautz@chrisweitz Are You Going To Go See Taylor Lautners New Upcoming Movie Abduction? Yes, I love Taylor and I love abducting.

“@WatsonLovee: Which is your favorite character from the Vulturi?” Dorkulus, the greatest vampire fanboy on earth

blisswithin@chrisweitz my BFF and I have a ? Can KS cry or not??? Tho the perfect Bella, no matter what movie she's in she never is seen actually crying Well. You can always cry using artificial means. I think more to the point is that crying is overused in film; it's hi-fructose corn syrup.

KStewsOzBird@chrisweitz -if you know, could u please tell me what @siamusic song Kristen was listening to on repeat while filming NM in Italy? It was a rough demo of Friday by Rebecca Black.

KStewsOzBird@chrisweitz sorry for being annoying, just really dying to know! I'm guessing #BreatheMe by @siamusic but I'd love to know for sure! Pls RT Honestly I think at the time she was very into Kings of Leon so maybe them.

taarawilleatyou@chrisweitz Since you're famous and all, do you get stalkers and such people? ^ ^ Well, I'm not really famous. Only when in the blast radius of KS, Rob, Taylor.

orthjers @chrisweitz Hi Chris.There is talk of Edward getting his own flashback in one of the BD films. Do you know, will we be seeing green eyes? Will have to wait until the Eye Color Director's Summit convenes at end of month