Rob in Elle Girl - Russia. Scans and Translation

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And a little heads up from KFuckingPattz "FYI guys, Elle Girl is not the mag you should rely on. it's like russian version of.. idek. whoever wrote this article didn't speak with Rob directly, I'm sure. they just re-wrote some other interviews and added something on their own. that's how some russian mags work. For example: Elle Girl wrote an article, where K said that she takes care of her figure, follows a diet and goes to the gym."

We actually did an impossible mission – did an interview with our precious Robert Pattinson and didn’t ask him questions about vampires even once…We managed actually talk with him and not ask about blood, afterlife and Kristen Stewart…We’re in shock…

Elle Girl: Hi, Rob! Let’s talk about love…
Robert: Oh…again… (smiling) Ok.. you can ask…what’s interesting about that?

EG: Your character in WFE fell in love from the first sight…Do you believe in like that?
R: Of course

EG: Did it happen to you?
R: Million times..I actually think that most people fell in love at the moment when they saw their love for the first time..

EG: And how can you tell that you fall in love?
R: I can’t answer that…Really…I don’t know…You have very hard questions…

EG: Robert!
R: How can you describe love? If you love someone then you think that this person is the best in the world, don’t you? But if she doesn’t think that way about herself?? I think, the whole point to make her believe that she’s perfect, the most beautiful.


EG: In the movie your and Reese’s character has a secret love…About you and your private life?
R: Oh, if it was me, I would do everything to make private life just for 2 people…You know, when I was 12, I asked a girl for a date for the 1st time. The next everybody was like: ‘Are you going out with her?’ And I was like: ‘Oh God’. I never talked to this girl ever…

EG: Is it easier for you now?
R: What private life with all these paparazzi around? They don’t care, they make money..You know, I hate being photographed…Even before all of this [fame] I hated it, even when my mom took pictures of me.

EG: And this man become an actor…..
R: On a movie set I have nothing against the cameras.. But other places…

EG: And what you’re gonna do to stop that?
R: I’m ready to shoot! *laughs*

EG: Are you tired of fans?
R: No, it’s all good, fans, love, of course, if it’s about me…But I feel like it’s all about character, not real Rob..

EG: But you’re so handsome…It’s pretty much enough to somebody to fall in love…
R: It’s kind of weird.. Before Twilight I wasn’t offered the roles of guys like that..

EG: Was it hard to play more ‘human’ part in WFE?
R: No, actually…On the set I was really happy with what’s around me.. For example, it was cool that you can sweat and play the role like that…On Twilight it was impossible, if your forehead sweated even a little bit, immediately 5 make-up artists there to fix it..It’s kind of a relief that it wasn’t like that on WFE..

EG: What about wild animals? Was it hard to work with them?
R: No, it was cool! If you’re working with elephant, for instance, and there’ some kind of chest cause the elephant threw it there, you have to react naturally…No one expects the episode to be perfect because animals can’t work with a script…It means that actors also can relax and improvise..And that’s very cool..

EG: Do you have pets at home?
R: Yeah? I have a dog now and very happy about it.

EG: How did you call it?
R: I haven’t decided yet, it’s from the shelter….He’s like…like…he looks like hyena.

EG: Did you start to train it?
R: Yes. It’s very clever and obedient.

EG: Feels like you like animals more than humans?
R: I don’t know. I’m just lucky with four-legged friends. On the set I become really close with Tai, the elephant..She definitely has some kind of aura, anyone who was around her felt really peaceful..It’s really cool, to be around such a huge animal, which is so gentle at the same time…

EG: Was the circus that exciting for you when you were a child?
R: Not really…When I was there, I saw really stupid number where the clown died..I thought it was for real until I was like 21..My mom opened my eyes…*laughs*

EG: How you can relax?
R: I can’t wait for the flights. I can sleep there quietly.

EG: And what about your dream day off? What it’s like?
R: I’d probably watch films. Or played a game on my IPhone *laughs*. I can play it 16 hours in a row.

EG: What about sport?
R: On BD I was training really hard because I have shirtless scenes.. I had to eat healthy food, go to the gym all the time, ride a bike everywhere and I liked it. When I finished these scenes, I relaxed and I don’t go to the gym at all. I can’t force myself..

EG: Any guilty pleasures?
R: M and M’s pretzels…