TwitterTime with Chris Weitz- Part 12. Flashback 'New Moon Breakup Scene'

If you have been missing Chris Weitz for the past blah number of  days.... Worry no more...

athenia_22@chrisweitz Kristen once said she cried really hard in her car right before filming the breakup scene? did you know and how did you react? Yup, I did know that. It was a tough night's filming.

Filming the Breakup-Goodbye Scene - NM DVD

New Moon Breakup Scene - *Tears again*

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melcitron@chrisweitz where the line from the trailer I promise to never put you through anything like this ever again? scene for megabox fan edition? Saved for Special Platinum I Promise Never To Put You Through This Deluxe Boxed Gold Platinum Stamped Superset ( LOL)

CamiFaith@chrisweitz Which scene took longer/was harder, underwater bella and edward, or Edward/Volturi fight scene? Underwater Bella was tough. Fight scene I had loads of 2nd unit help

CharmedTink@chrisweitz Hello...I wanna know, did Jackson do his own stunts in NM? ie, when Jasper was 'pushed' into the piano?!No, Jackson is not from the Taylor Lautner school of self-endangerment.

Francesca_LG@chrisweitz Hi from Rome! my fav scene from the book is the conversation between E/B before the vote scene, why it isn't in the movie? Because I wanted to make people angry. No, because it is a lot of TALK TALK which is not always good for movie pacing.

@chrisweitz when Bella first starts "seeing" Edward in NM was rob Rly standing in front of then when they stopped the motorcycle very quickly R u kidding? I ain't gonna risk "Franchise" like that!

SaamGonzalez @chrisweitz @chrisweitz Have you ever seen mourn Rob (not acting)? Why? Please, answer!I think you mean sad? Well, one day I told him there was no Easter bunny. He loves them Easter egg hunts.

RobstenSexyEyes@chrisweitz kristen wore golden contacts in alice's vision in NM whereas the newborns have red eyes, why didn't she wore red contacts ??? :D Um... Cos I messed up? And golden eyes look nicer?

xAdele95@chrisweitz What's your favourite line in New moon??? :P x I love when Edward says, "I'm getting to old for this S---".
xo_gabbyy_ox@chrisweitz he never said that! :P Yes I know, is big joke by me. Ok, honestly, I like "you don't know anything abo ht his soul." Ks rips it up

serpmcc40e@chrisweitz do u know what's happening in this picture?
I can tell it's KS by the hair grasping. Looks like a bunch of European exhibitors (cinema owners) visiting set.


mrskebab@chrisweitz wat did u think to wat Jodie foster said about kristen ? Some think she was being nasty some just think genuine surprised x I don't know to what you're referring but I can attest to Ms. Foster always having been a friend and supported to KS

@EmeraldKate Thank you! HobNobs are yummy with tea! I wish @chrisweitz would answer your question. That idea of FF Edward was brilliant! Happy to answer, what does FF stand for in this case?
“@EmeraldKate:I was asking about the FAST FORWARD Edward & Jacob in the Extras on the NM DVD.Were they your idea?(not Fanfiction) LOL” eh no

ammysin@chrisweitz Quick question about New Moon.... Why do we see Billy black driving the pick up not Jacob like the book says?? Eh I have no cotton picking idea. Wow you guys are detailed!

“@eco2369: @chrisweitz hopefully u can answer this for me?! Why the change of cars for Ed in NM?” marketing money from Volvo :(

“@elisevictoria18: Please answer my question. Okay..what was the funniest memory on the set of NM. :)” I try to discourage humor on my sets

MsSalvatore@chrisweitz What was your favorite part of getting to hang out with the Twilight Cast? When they remembered my name

@TwiFans: how do directors feel about fans at set locations?” I love it, it's cool and inspiring, so Long as the audio stays clean

tashpalo@chrisweitz was there a real portrait of the Volturi and Carlise in #NM? If so where is it now? BTW excellent transition in that scene. Yep. Where? Me not know. Thanks, it's a hard cg transition to do.

TwiBetween@chrisweitz Who picked a U of AZ game for Charlie to watch in New Moon?! I gotta know the answer to this. I'm asking over n over. ;) I did. Why? Cheap.

Twilight_Site@chrisweitz What happened to your NM actors guide??? You promised 2 send 2 fans, cuz no time 2 make Directors Handbook like 4 Twilight???? This is a good question; I spoke to the people at Summit and we decided to wait to make avail until after the full series is out.

SaamGonzalez@chrisweitz Hi Chris thanks for the previous tweet. Have you ever seen mourn Rob (not acting)? Why? Nope, he seems like a happy sort of individual.

PamelaPPI@chrisweitz is twilight/new moon tuesday can you answer me why Victoria doesn't has dialogues in New Moon? is just curiosity Yes, there was a dialogue scene but it slowed the plot.

LoveForKristenX@chrisweitz heyy xx do you know any thing from Breaking Dawn Production?? Zero, zilch, nada! Which is the way it should be. It's their show now.

jp@chrisweitz rob's talked recently ab quitting acting if he's not doing roles he would like to see, understandably. Do you see him as a long term actor? Do you see him continually growing in the craft? Do you automatically get a sense of which actors you work with will turn on as 'greats'? Do you think someone can learn to be a great or is it innate? Well. He has every right to do what he likes. He has a lot of innate talent. There is however a strange compulsion for people to want to see stars get "bigger" and "bigger", which generally means more famous not necessarily more happy. I would rather be happy than famous - And I think any sane person would agree. Can I see "greatness" in a young actor? Sometimes. Jose Julian from A Better Life could be great. Takes tremendous effort and commitment.

jaque_mtv@chrisweitz Plis plis plis answer my question about #DreamCatcher in #NewMoon! Who had this idea?Um I forget -- if it wasn't Stephenie it must have been Melissa, the screenwriter

sarahjetset@chrisweitz I like the opera like way you made new moon.the colors are really awesome. Are you a romantic/did you do that quality for dramaYep, the color scheme, aspect ratio, method of filming was all planned that way.

DeborahSandford@chrisweitz do you take souvenirs off set? If so, what's the best souvenir you have collected? The wrapper of an energy bar that Taylor ate