Rob talks about Kristen with MTV

I am posting this for you guys who may have missed what Rob actually said about Kristen. I think its so cute that they bicker like an old married couple. Aww, seriously. Thanks Rob for showing us a glimpse. lol Opposites attract...and all that.

In case you missed the interview Full Vid HERE with segment guide or if you want the 30 short clips HERE from MTV 

MTV   During his live 30-minute chat with us for "MTV First: Robert Pattinson," the actor discussed the differences between his outlook on the acting process compared to KStew's.

"We just have different ways of thinking," Pattinson explained. "I like the kind of cerebral aspect of things, and she has kind of an immediate emotional response to stuff every single time."

In fact, their approach to things in real life often reflects their decision-making as actors. "She can be thrown by something someone says and notices much more about people, whereas I just want to see the meaning of something," the 24-year-old star of "Water for Elephants" explained.

So, how does RPattz's more-mental approach to acting bode with KStew's responsiveness?  While Pattinson admitted he's someone who can't take on a project until he entirely gets it, Stewart will be the first to point out what there is to "get" is actually right there in front of him.

"She's like, 'Why can't you understand? It's obvious. You don't know, you shouldn't be an actor!' " RPattz described with a laugh.

But, then again, his approach to his acting career is very much rooted in instinct. "I don't want to just act for the sake of acting," he told us. "If I'm not doing kind-of cool stuff, then I don't want to be in front of people."

The star, who confessed he doesn't even like having his picture taken, added, "All I want to do is make movies that I want to see. I've always tried to go for that and ... you've got to go through lots of different hurdles to go to that level."

While he will continue to look for projects that challenge and interest him, he fully admitted he's not the type of actor who has a deep-rooted passion for the craft.

"I don't know what that feeling is," he said of the desire to act. "It's like, 'What do you want to do?' 'I want to read someone else's lines right now! I want someone to film me saying something!' It's, like, really weird."