Flashback Post: Kristen, Rob, and Taylor's TwiPromo Interviews with Twilight Lexicon

Oldies but goodies! Kristen, Rob, and Taylor's 'vintage' interviews for Twilight promo. Its so nice to listen to their views before the 'craziness'- very, very interesting - to say the least.
 Thanks to KStewAngel for tweeting Kristen's interview.

Twilight Lexicon Interviews Kristen. She was 'dazzled'! Yay!

Audio:  The fansites interview  Rob. November 3, 2008. In 3 parts.
Part 1

Part 2
At 8:25 Rob talks about the audition and confirms it yet again- that going to the audition was just 'all about Kristen'. Aww.
Rob:  "I've seen 'Into the Wild.' I like Kristen...that was my major thing..."
Q:  So basically, Kristen was one of the main reasons you wanted to do it?
Rob: "Yes, pretty much, especially after the auditions..."

Part 3

Baby Taylor and his wig lol. And he was completely unaware of what will happen to his character in Book4, Breaking Dawn, which was to be released August 2nd, 2008, a month after this interview. If he only knew... haha

source:LauraCrist of Twilight Lexicon Thanks so much!