TwitterTime with Chris Weitz- Part 14

More from ChrisWeitz and its Twilight Tuesday... So far this is winning for best tweet - "Btw shootout to Summit Legal, watching my tweets for... Fun?" Oh my. lol

ilovetwilight53 @chrisweitz two more questions PLEASE ANSWER.. how did you film the Edward and Bella underwater scene? was it difficult? Underwater shots against green background, comp in CG water and particles. Hard. 


LoveThePretty @chrisweitz So is Rob as funny and intellectual as we all think He has all of his lines fed to him by a troll-like genius off-camera
Lovethepretty you didn't answer my question about Rob being funny and brilliant...well I said intellectual but who's counting. Yes, he is very smart and very funny. True. Happy?

ekizer14@chrisweitz I heard that KS was doing her own underwater stunts in the cliff diving sequence. Any truth to that? She had to do some. And she had a bad bad cold that day. Tough kid

stefy_s @chrisweitz can you ever explain how can edward have an orgasm or should we ask Bill C ? I have to say I haven't thought about this enough.

EmmaGrace94 @chrisweitz why won't you tweet me about rob's amazing jaw, is it more amazing than words can describe ? Not even Rob's jaw can describe Rob's jaw.

HarshaPattinson: @chrisweitz Did you hangout with Rob after New Moon?” until the restraining order

Chudygirl@chrisweitz Just asking because you guys have both rocked the Grizzly Adams look at one time or another!With me it's laziness, with Rob it's just sheer coolness

theMwagon @chrisweitz how often does Kristen curse/swear? If S=swear and K=Kristen and s=s, KS=s multiplied by min/mph

thumannlegend@chrisweitz in NM, what did you do to get the mood right for the Heartbroken Bella sitting comatose in her room. Scene was EPIC. KS ruled!! The tinal thing is inetersting. I don;t know how other people do it, but I just trust to the professionalism of my rew and cast. We're alittle less jokey and more quiet beforehand. However this shot was very technical and demanded a lot of concentration from K

More under the CUT. 


NatashaA24@chrisweitz What made you decide to direct NM? Was it the cast? Perhaps a particular scene in the script? Had you read the books before? Well. After The Golden Compass I wanted to prove that a faithful adaptation of a book would work. I had something to prove and needed to get back on the horse. Also I really liked the cast, and felt that I could do something different from the first movie but interesting

ElisHungaro@chrisweitz LOVED Bella's depression scene in NM. Great shot, great song... did u come up with the rotating camera idea? We (vfx supervisor Susan McLeod and I) wanted to find a filmic version of the blank pages... a motion control shot would allow us to keep.

joannskie30@chrisweitz did you have something to do with the musical score of NM? I loved what you did with the movie but the MS kinda sucked for me. Well, I had a lot to do with the score, but if you really want to track down and murder someone, find Alexandre Desplat in France

Kellieej@chrisweitz guess I'm the only one who didn't like Possibility(?) Just didn't fit for me, got me out of the film/mood, u know what I mean?Hm. Well, I did use "White Demon" by the Killers first but then changed my mind.

HarshaPattinson @chrisweitz if you were approached to make a special appearance in Breaking Dawn as an extra at the wedding, would you do it ? I would never do harm to the franchise in that manner

x0XCharl0tteX0x chrisweitz I try my luck again ;) I hope that you will answer me! Why did you choose to produce NM and what did you like in this story ? I wanted to make a faithful book adaptation. I wanted to work with the actors... I had a mortgage!

recee13 @chrisweitz so you never took one for the team and vamped up? Those contacts have to suck.
No, that whole thing where a director puts on makeup for one day is silly. I will, however, try out stunts, because I'm stupid

stacey james@chrisweitz who do you think will win in November? Breaking Dawn or the last Harry Potter? If I am right they will be released at the same time By win you mean money, right? Feh.

@jittzpattzing @chrisweitz Oh here we go! Stupid Questions! What's ur big toe look like? Do u sit or stand when u pee? Let the fun start! Funny you should ask. My big toe looks like Rob's face. I hate to choose, so I crouch when I pee.

aandiiJB @chrisweitz I would like to record another movie with robert pattinson? chrisweitz
Just to smell him... To breathe the same air... To maybe touch his hair

herriatl Sherri Agganis@chrisweitz ?, why no explnatn that vamps don't breathe,thus victoria's abilities in water vs. wolf(s). if u ddnt read the book, u wdnt know I...oh boy. So how about when you see Rob breathing? Is that a problem for you?

@Derek2008 chrisweitz it's true that the fanbase hate Sumshit Summit. Sorry boss but they suck ass.That's rough. They're very director friendly. And totally responsive to SM

“@romys_mdq: @chrisweitz why at the scene of Volterra, the vampires come out the front door and not the tunnels?” yeah, I noticed that too.

AdorableKStew K.@chrisweitz Hey there, just wanted to ask, what was the most beautiful scene to shoot in NM? (: In terms of surroundings, shooting in Montepulciano. In terms of results on screen, prob the forests in BC

I will just update the post, in case CW tweets again today. :)