TwitterTime with Chris Weitz- Part 13 - Loud and Clear. No Financial Conspiracy.

Updated with a few more details and laughs from our fave 'Everybody Loves Chris'

Loud and clear from Chris Weitz! No financial conspiracy! 

@zoemarchment @chrisweitz are rob and kristen actually together in real life or are you not alllowed to say because it will damage the films profits? There's no financial conspiracy, I just think what R and K each do with their private lives is their own business.

By the way, Chris Weitz has been verified by Twitter " My next movie: "Verified -- the Chris Weitz story. A heartwarming tale of doubt, adversity and triumph". On Lifetime next month." LOL this.

Karolinamedk @chrisweitz Why did Robert Pattisnon (edward) have black dots on his body when you were filming the volterra scene? These are locator dots to map the cgi sparkle effect onto his face; had to be digitally "painted out" later.

Oh thank you for that question. lol Any excuse to post these again. 
The way Rob held Kristen's little waist. Me d-e-a-d!
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@tinkrbe1l3: @chrisweitz this was deleted but we never saw on DVD. Can u share details?Where's Bella?Did Billy yell at Edward The scene exists, it's one small shot, there was no dialogue.


@Mama_Cougar:Coincedence, or planned that Rob has a line in Water For Elephants that includes "A Better Life"? :-)” had to pay him $1 mil

@Kstew_Boomm: @chrisweitz Dear Chris have you ever tasted Kristen's pie..and if you have, how was it” I'm going to leave this one alone.

Barbara_Muffin@chrisweitz Hi!! I have a question for you P-L-E-A-S-E Aswer me! Who's more Sexyy Robert Or Edward?? Thankkkss Answe please!How to address this. Robert because he is a living human being existing in reality?

shan93@chrisweitz team edward, team jacob or team bella.. Which one are you? :)Tram Bella. And Team Gran.

@koulle hi @chrisweitz i just wanna ask,why there isn´t vision of Edward in the scene of Bella&Jake sitting in the car-the worst moment in the book!Because it just made Edward seem like a stalker. Like "it's ok, kiss her, don't mind me, I'm just here being awesome"

EllenHomeniuk @chrisweitz What were your first thoughts when you met Rob for the first time! :) :) I could take 'im. Here's the thing. I'm thinking about working with the guy. So I'm basically just looking for the crazy, and relieved when it's not there.

twilightmom1901: why didn't u film E staying in Bella's room after the party & him thinking about leaving??” I don't know and am ashamed

@ArielLautner Why did you choose Montepultiano as "Volterra"??” The main square had a symmetrical and lengthy run to the clock tower

@pgarf: Why didn't you attend the 2010 MTV Movie Awards?” didn't feel like dressing up, was tired

stefy_s @chrisweitz robert pattinson has blue or green eyes? Would you like to know what guys are like? I FORGET!

goldislox Where did you get the amber contacts the vampires ~ fancy a pair myself @chrisweitz They are hand made by a cool lady

JessaFifty @chrisweitz the first thing that comes to your mind when they mention ROBERT Pattinson..Chocolate

eatherWareham @chrisweitz please answer. In NM scene where J almost kissed B in kitchen hes speaks in another language is it Quiluete and what did he say? This is goin' to the FAQ file! "kwop kilawtley", which is I love you in Quileute.

TeamJustinJonas @chrisweitz answer my ques pls.Is BD movie going to cover almost all of the book or are there edits? Dunno. Not my movie! I do not have he BD cerebral implant guys! Working away at my FAQ sheet..

Teresa_Amo @chrisweitz please answer this! Why is Edward volvo in new moon black and not silver like in twilight and the book? Thank you:) Oh this one is definitely making the FAQ file. Volvo gave marketing money to the film. At least it wasn't poop brown, which is what they wanted. I could go on about how it's dark tone foreshadowed the breakup and gloom, but I'd by fibbing

@Mumblejeet:I loved New Moon. WHY did you decide to shoot the Virgin plane like that? Product placement?” a) yes, b) amused me

CarolSPimentel @chrisweitz Tell me what animals Tayor, Kristen and Robert remind you. hahahah Generically speaking, chimpanzees more than anything else.

aryam578@chrisweitz, Chris, did you get to keep Edward and Jacob's life size cardboards? They are my best friends

ekizer14@chrisweitz Were you worried at all jumping straight into an established phenomenon like Twilight? No... This q came up a lot in press stuff. All a director wants is a guaranteed audience.

LynneE08: @chrisweitz If you could duet with Rob in a karaoke bar, what would you sing? -- "Love Will Keep Us Together", Captain&Tenille

DustyMoats@chrisweitz have you ever thought to have Hugh Grant's and Rob Pattinson's hair star in their own movie I have actually suggested it to them. they didn't think it was funny.

About the songs in NM
Mich_Lv I choose the songs as presented to me by the music supervisor, Alexandra Patsavas. then we have to make sure there is money in the budget to cover the costs. This gets negotiated and varies acceding to the popularity of a band. With New Moon,bands know that the royalties from DVD sakes will be big and it will open up a new audience, so it costs us less. I heard Brandon Flowers from The Killers regretted licensing a song because he thinks they're too good for Twilight

PatiLucha@chrisweitz we have a bet going plz answer in NM Taylor at the movies B4 he goes in in his hand is a burger? Or an ID!?we can't see! Heh. Burger King had made a promotional deal to show a burger. So I had him throw it away instantly.

@papaya57: @chrisweitz~Hello, could you address why Robert and Kristin won't come out of the closet? : ]]]” are they gay??

“@mafiakstew: @chrisweitz do you miss the cast of Twilight?” I do, especially Cam Gigandet

TayLautEvike23@chrisweitz will you be ready with your Twilight snuggy when the madness begins again for BD? Oh totes, me and Slade and Hardwicke are lining up