Breaking Dawn Update: Edward's Volvo and Human's Prepare for the 'Wedding'

Updated! I just learned that some 'alleged' Breaking Dawn images are now flooding the net. If they are real or not, I don't really care. Summit will handle them fair and square. I don't want to mess with that. Again, I won't be posting them so DO NOT send me links or email me about it. Thanks guys. got an exclusive scoop about Edward's Volvo for 'Breaking Dawn'. Check out their 'Squamish account' and more pics at TwiFans. Meanwhile, here's a quick glimpse.


Alison of TwiFans reports "We went to straight to the Volvo website and started comparing wheels, tail-lights, spoilers, and colors. After an hour (or two) of dissecting the vehicle from top to bottom we concluded with certainty that Edward's 'Breaking Dawn' Volvo is a S60 R-9 design series.

Now-it's again NOT SILVER, but in my opinion ,after custom building both a Silver Metallic S60 R9 Volvo and a Saville Grey Metallic S60 R9 Volvo, the later was better. Trust me the darker Volvo was damn sexy!"

I agree this Volvo is so much sexier for our Robward... Can't wait for 'Breaking Dawn'. Thanks Alison.
Hey bloggers, I got permission to repost these exclusive deets and pics from Twifans - and they are not allowing repost unless you contact them for permission. You can send your request via Thanks guys. 

And the humans are coming to VanCity for Edward and Bella's Big Day!

'Eric, Billy Black, Jessica and Angela' tweeted updates.
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JustinChon "excited to go vancouver on thursday! packin my winter clothes"
gilbirmingham I hear Canada calling. I'll be right with you.
AnnaKendrick47 Flights this early shouldn't exist.
ChristianSerratos "Off to Canada. Im already cold. I want my puppy. She's the coolest person I know"

And a little teaser from Jacksper. He is looking so much better for 'Breaking Dawn'
Rathbone Hid Broken Rib From Twilight Producers. Watch out for the teaser at 1:09

“I didn’t even tell the production company because I was afraid that they were going to not let me do my own stunts and I had to do it. So I just wore a rib splint and went in there, did it… bit through the pain, if you know what I mean. There you go.

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