Rumor: Rob and Kristen on the Peak2Peak? Updated.

Update!  After MetroVanFilms' Tweet, Rob was 'allegedly' spotted.
 Jakwob/James Jacob Definitely just flew to Vancouver with Robert Pattinson...
RobstenRoyalty@jakwob u wer in the plane with rob pattinson just 5 hrs ago? Jakwob answered YES
Thanks @believe_them @jojo_9030
Still, take this info with a grain of salt...

MetroVanFilms "Robsten on the Peak2Peak"

Pics of Peak2Peak Gondola in Whistler, BC.
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via RobwardandKrisella

I was waiting for more info from the papz source before posting this, but 3 hours after, there's still none. Maybe they were filming or whatever. Saltshaker alert.