Flashback Post: Kristen Surprises Fans - Sundance 2009

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KristenMedia "Kristen Stewart makes some teenage fans’ day or even life in Park City, Utah on January 19 2009. The ‘Twilight’ star stopped her car and got out especially to sign autographs for some teenage fans. You can imagine the words “OMG it’s Kristen Stewart, she’s stopped her car and is coming this way AAAAAAAARRRRRGGGHHH” being screamed hysterically whilst in a serious state of shock. Classic!

Kristen Stewart signs autographs for some incredibly lucky teenage fans who were just walking down the road and seemed to be in shock and couldn’t believe she just stopped her car and came over to chat and sign autographs. A priceless moment they will remember for the rest of their lives."

via KStewAngel

Kristen truly loves her fans. I'm sure you've seen these older vids.

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