Cosmopolis Update: Samantha Morton Joins Cosmopolis. Paul Giamatti Says Rob is "very good for the part."


Rob is "very good for the part."
Cosmopolis co-star Paul Giamatti couldn’t see anybody else playing Rob’s role in the upcoming flick. “He’s very good for the part,” Paul told the source at the Win Win New York special screening hosted by Nixon and GQ. “He’s great! Absolutely love the guy!”

Paul’s character is one of two men stalking Rob’s character, Eric Packer, after Eric loses a lot of his clients’ money by betting against the yen.
“It’s based on a novel. It’s mostly about that Robert Pattinson guy — he’s a very wealthy banker. It’s about a day in his life basically,” explains Paul. “But it’s a very strange and sinister story.

Indiewire-The Playlist Speaking to The Playlist regarding his upcoming film, Win Win, Paul Giamatti mentioned Cosmopolis and David Cronenberg:

You have upcoming roles in George Clooney’s “The Ides Of March” and David Cronenberg’s “Cosmopolis.” Can you discuss those roles and how they were offered to you?

The Clooney thing I read awhile ago, and he knew he was gonna be doing it now. It’s a really really really really good script and a really nice part. No reason not to do it. “Cosmopolis” was the same thing. I’ve met Cronenberg a couple of times, and I’ve had sort of a number of funny near-misses with movies of his, and I ended up not doing them for various reasons. I think “A History of Violence,” there was something I was going to end up doing in that. I love his movies, and he’s a great guy. It’s a very bizarre part. I’m gonna let it remain a mystery. It’s a really strange character.

indiewire Samantha Morton Joins David Cronenberg’s ‘Cosmopolis’
A chatty Robert Pattinson revealed to MTV that Morton has joined David Cronenberg‘s “Cosmopolis” saying, “I know Juliette Binoche is in it now, and Samantha Morton. It’s going to be a crazy cast. Like, I have a feeling it’s going to be amazing.”

Regular collaborators composer Howard Shore and director of photography Peter Suschitzy are said to be returning to work with Cronenberg on the film, which is gearing up to start shooting in May in Toronto for nine weeks.