Fanpics of Rob and Kristen - March 15 Plus Fan Encounter

Caption: "Got a photo with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart from @twilight tonight after the movies!
Kristen is next to Rob in the picture, wearing a hoodie. You can see her eyes.

More tweets from pic source "They were definitely alone watching the movie. yeah they were watching red riding hood. they were alone, he was nice. she was just awkward. didn't really wanna take photos. (If she was wearing a splint) Nope, she had nothing on at all. was giving us hugs and saying hi. smiling and stuff. not in that way (not in a bad way). she was awkward because she was waiting in the rain for her car to get there. she is nice, they both were."

Got a pic with Kristin Stewart from @twilight. I swear it was by coincidence!
Pic source "They were both quiet, seemed tired, but it was cool they still took pics with some of us."

Sightings "Just saw Robert Pattinson at the movie theatre, watching Red Riding Hood.". Just watched a movie in a theater next to Rob and Kristen." Still in British Columbia.

Another tweet "Met Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart last night as they were leaving a movie! Very sweet and nice, took time to take pictures with fans even though it was literally pouring buckets of rain." Then someone asked if Kristen was smiling: "She actually was! Very nice especially since it was pissing rain out." 

source source via RPLife

So it was a movie date night for lovebirds, Rob and Kristen, March 15th. I wonder what they thought of 'Red Riding Hood?'And its so sweet they supported, Fairy Godmother-lol, Catherine Hardwicke's movie. Awww.