Video: Rob and Kristen at Trudeau Airport - Leaving Montreal August 17th

ETA:  Updated another fanvid from epnebelle

Still loling at *strollerdad*

via La Saga Robsten

Thanks to cybermelli She was my source from the earlier post that R/K was seen leaving Montreal.

Ok I decided to post this, since its not a pap video anyway.

Kristen slid a little but was still very graceful. Cool kitty! John ASB kicks serious papz ass!
(ASB stands for Agent Security Blanket, I don't know how many times I will repeat this- lol)
Still loling at stroller dad and the dazzled couple!

I heard that it is legal to push off paparazzis off an airplane at 30,000 feet if he/she is caught taking photos.  Can you all see this, Rob pushing the asshxxx and Kristen giving him/her a double birdie while John/ASB cheers on? Well I do. lol

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