Breaking Dawn News RoundUp!

As earlier reported! Filming starts November 1st.
Filming for Breaking Dawn, the final two movies in the Twilight series, will start Nov. 1 in Baton Rouge, according to Production Weekly. The trade publication says the movie will shoot locally until March 15. Officials with Celtic Studios, where much of Breaking Dawn will be shot, say they can't discuss the schedule, since the studio hasn't officially released details of the movie. Production Weekly says the cast of the wildly popular series of movies about teenage vampires and werewolves should start arriving locally in October for rehearsals and makeup tests. The first part of Breaking Dawn is slated for release Nov. 18, 2011, while the second part will come out a year later, on Nov. 16, 2012. source via twilightus

Vancouver Prod Offices open
Production Weekly The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” has opened up their Vancouver production offices at North Shore Studios

Twilight fever growing in Baton Rouge
Everyone is talking about "Twilight" coming to town, but most people in the Baton Rouge movie business won't talk about it.  "For confidentiality reasons, we can't talk specifics about productions that we're dealing with," said Patrick Mulhearn, Director of Studio Operations at Celtic Studios.

"Well, there's not too much I can say about the details of 'Twilight,'" said Chris Stelly, Director of Film Industry Development with the Louisiana Economic Development.  While the movie's publicist will only say the "when" for production kickoff is late this fall, a commercial real estate agent says one of his lease properties is where pre-production is in full swing.
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More News - Renesmee
InspiredbyKStew Shares some  details about an ongoing auditions for Renesmee. Yey! A real child for Edward and Bella and maybe less or totally no CGI baby. MMG USA and Canada
Pic of Kayla who auditioned for the role HERE

New confirmed cast! 
And an earlier announcement about a new cast, Rami Malek (The War at Home, Night at the Museum 2 as Ahkmenrah) has been cast as Benjamin TwiExaminer

Who is Benjamin? Benjamin is a manipulator of elements—earth, air, fire, and water. Check his vampire bio at  Twilight Lexicon