The Kissy Pics! Rob and Kristen Together in Montreal - August 15, 2010

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Thanks Setje of pattinsonlife

"around xxx... They left their hotel around 8:15, and they hopped in a van taxi and they kind of just got out ... and during that 25 seconds, they were just making out and Tom Sturridge was standing there just looking. The photog says Pattinson’s recent penchant for hanging out around Stewart was a clear indicator to him that the two were a couple.

“You get that feeling like, ‘How could they not be a couple? If I was a couple and my friend was just working on a movie, would I go and sit outside of her trailer for 16 hours? If it was just a friend, I’d go back to London to see my parents or go to Las Vegas with my boys,” Randy said.

By the way, last year August 16th was the day the KOL pics went out, a day after the concert. And we are having another amazing August 16th this year. Uhmm what to do you think is in store for us in August 16, 2011? Now where is Alice when we need her...

Ok kids for those of you who are asking if this makes it official. It has been official long ago. That ship has sailed. Rob and Kristen are not in hiding anymore. They just do not talk about their relaysh, which I think is very, very wise. It's personal, its theirs to keep and protect.