Stephen Moyer apologized to Rob: 'I Hope you realize that this is a joke."

The fangs are back in - or are they? True Blood hunk Stephen Moyer revealed he apologised to Twilight star Robert Pattinson for calling him the "Diet Coke of vampires".

The fight began last year, when Brit actor Stephen made the comments about Robert when the heartthrob refused to let his character drink human blood in the popular films.

Stephen, who plays blood-sucking Bill Compton in TV series True Blood, admitted: "I sent him a message saying, 'Dude, I hope you realise that this is a joke'.

"I did call him a wuss. But I didn't call HIM that. I referred to his character."

However, 40-year-old Stephen has put his foot in it again by admitting he has never seen the Twilight films or read the books.

He also hasn't ever met Robert. He said: "I haven't even seen Twilight. I don't even know the books.

"All I know is that one thing - I think he drinks cow blood instead of human blood."

source/RobPattzNews via RPLife

I think this is cool. I always like the group of True Blood. Have you seen their latest cover for Rolling Stone? Oooh hot! I wish our own TwiTrinity will make it on RS cover, too. Not as daring, of course. lol. 

FYI.  I am not going to post the supposed 'love nest' here. So, please stop sending in links and tips. I have seen those long ago when US Weekly featured a peek. And I think it would be useless to talk about it. How would you feel if we talk about your unmade bed or your very private car plates. It's out of respect for Rob and Kristen that I am doing this. I have to draw the line somewhere and I suggest you, too. I also know that Ted featured it and blamed a fan so he could come up with a story and mention it. So lame.  And that is why I seldom feature him here, his true colors is showing time and again. 

I am also not posting the HD clip of 'the leg hitch'. Thanks for the links anyway. When you have high quality clip when we  do NOT have the actual DVD out yet, it only means it is bootlegged. And I do not like that here as well. 

Have a great weekend you all.