RobSten FanVid: Shiver

I'm so dying at the quotes... especially Catherine's. Love her.

And the lovely HoneyBuzy dedicates this to the blog.
"This video is really just about r/k chemistry, and why I think they make such a great onscreen couple. Also I'd like to dedicate this video to as a belated birthday present. Thanks so much  for all your hard work and dedication to our fav couple. Here's to many more years to come xxx "

Song is 'Shiver' by Shawn Desman

I'm speechless. Thank you so much Jess. I feel so special. Teehee.  You always make the fandom happy with your vids and we are all grateful for that.

And I am so ecstatic that she re-uploaded this. And its now in HD. Woohoo!
Def belongs to my early R/K favorite vids. I would play this on repeat all day. lol

For those of you who are asking. Kristen says "So, don't record a song" at 3:32.