Libenet's RobSten Video Festival

August 22nd is our friend's Lib's birthday (It's already the 22nd in her part of the world) and as much as our little coven wanted to make her a birthday video, we are all techie challenged in that department it . Trust me, it would just be disastrous if we tried. lol. So I think it would be better to honor her special day and feature some of her best videos.

"Thanks again Lib for loving Rob and Kristen as much as we all do because your devotion to R/K gave us these wonderful vids. Your POV of our fave couple always amazes us and we all love how you see them. Love you Lib from the bottom of our RobSten hearts. Your friendship keeps us all going and going...And you get well soon, love. Yours, SKS."

Please check out Libenet's YT Channel  for more R/K vid goodness. If you missed her interview (yes, our friend is famous) by my R/K affiliate blog , check it out HERE AT Robsten Love Blog

The Libenet RobSen Video Festival under the CUT
Thanks to KfuckingPattz for the pic. So cute, right? Credit to the original creator.