Edward Cullen is #2 on EW's Ultimate Sexy Beast

Edward will always be #1 in our Twihearts.

How it went down...

Still, the final Edward-v.-Damon showdown trumped ‘em all. Our polls were open for 72 hours, and midway through the final day of voting, the virile vampires were separated by less than 200 votes. With six hours remaining, and our finalists still locked in a statistical dead-heat, EW.com’s Sexy Beast special-ops team decided to hide our poll results, and began to plan a special issue of Entertainment Weekly commemorating a tournament that had becoming nothing short of an Internet sensation. When the blood, sweat, and broken fangs were wiped away, it was Damon Salvatore who eked out a mild upset victory over Edward Cullen by a margin of 138,630 to 134,728, a difference of just 3,902 votes.

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Yada, yada. Our Edward is no beast anyway, he is an angel to say the least. *stillbitteraboutthesmallmarginsnorts* haha