RobSten Fanvids: 4 Wonderful heartwarming Vids

We have 4 great vids under the CUT. Enjoy lovies.
 Love all the songs. Special thanks to all vidders featured.

1. I Wrote a Song.  2. All That I'm Asking For.  3. Run.  4. Right Here Waiting.

Vid by  Melg0510

Song is Yellow by Coldplay. I dunno why, but it seems to me that all of Kristen's shots/clips in this vid are beautiful. She's glowing.

We have 3 great vids here. Love all the songs. Enjoy lovies. Special thanks to all the vidders featured.

Song is 'All That I'm Asking For' by Lifehouse. Vid by Gen/bai777

Song is 'Run' by Snow Patrol. By Robstenistruelove

Song is 'Right Here Waiting' by Richard Marx. By Valentina/ valecoop24