RobSten FanvId: Perfect Time. RobSten Update!

Patty13Mai dedicates this vid to my blog's first birthday. Aww Maika, arigato. You're wonderful, as always.

Includes the kissy pics. Ooh really fast!

ETA:  Rob and Kristen already left Montreal together. Kristen will not be filming in the  coming days. Looks like a short vacay. Prolly London bound...or LA?

cybermelli "It was fast, it was crazy but rob and kris have left montreal together. That's all I'm saying. And, it was documented.  And while paparazzi were here and it was ugly to see... They are unscathed .It really wasn't that crazy. There were photos but less than 5 and mult guards. It was fine.  Kristen isn't filming otr any time soon

I went nowhere near them... Didn't bug them. So don't worry. Just lurked at a far distance.  Not saying how they left or where they went bc that will be out soon enough.  I have a short video but haven't decided whether I should post. We'll see. Maybe after things have died down."

"Following up seeing r/k with shopping at french canadian wal-mart..."

According to this person -I hate Lainey. There is a  photographer booked on  R/K's plane. This is beyond weird. Read  HERE