Breaking Dawn Starts Pre-Prod in Louisiana

No more hush hush ' Untitled Sports Movie' its all out now - 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn'. Bill Condon has been seen around town as well.

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Are you guys excited? What are your expectations for Breaking Dawn? Expectations from director Bill Condon. Your idea of Renesmee?
But I'm hoping I will survive the promo stills for Edward and Bella's wedding. It will be like a real R/K wedding haha. No more need for manips. Complete with the wedding entourage.

OMG! Imagine this...the ever beautiful Bella walking down the Cullens' staircase in her wedding gown with Charlie, trying to stay calm and not run towards the victorious and gorgeous looking Edward who is waiting at the altar... Gah!  I can't wait! And yeah, I got that excited just looking at this signboard. lol