Kristen, Garrett, and Sam Riley Spotted in Argentina Airport

With Kristen are Garrett Hedlund, Sam Reilly, John/ASB and Larry Day (new cast) at the back
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"Kristen is here, my friend works in the airport and took a picture with her"
"Kristen is waiting for the flight to Bariloche..."
"For those who want to know Kristen just left to Bariloche! They return on Saturday =)"

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"Yes, she said hi to me! Was in front of me looking at some magazines in the VIP section...and Rob is not with her"
"she will return to the airport on the 28th"
"Kristen is very divine and Sam is very cute in real life. They're both really nice (as in approachable)"
All are simple. She doesn't know all of their names, but the tall/blonde one (Garrett) is so nice and courteous. Everyone was kind. And regarding the photo they didn't oppose. And NO Rob is not there, otherwise he wouldn't have made it out alive

Met fellow castmembers over the past 26 hours and all are GREAT!! Kristen could not be nicer, Sam and Garrett are way cool.
t's off to Argentina to shoot On The Road with Kristen Stewart and looking forward to working with a great director, Walter Salles.

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No sign of Rob... will update if anything comes up. John/ASB is so smiley. :)