Fifty Shades of Grey/MotU

I've been receiving lots of off-topic comments in the posts about Fifty Shades of Grey/MotU, so this one's for you guys. Comment/Discuss away. If you do not read Twi fiction or if you're 18 and below, or just unfamiliar with the topic - please skip this post.

As most of you (fandom people)  know, this now-popular and now-viral erotica novel was once 'Master of the Universe', a Twi-inspired fiction by Icy/@SnowQueen IceDragon (E.L.James). Yes, one of the most loved fan fiction version of 'Edward and Bella' are now Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. The book has topped the New York Times paperback best-sellers list, has been talked about in several TV shows and is now, as sources say, being considered to be adapted on film Read - The Hollywood Reporter.
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MotU is not available online anymore, for obvious reasons. Order Icy's book @ amazon