David Cronenberg talks 'Cosmopolis'

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Fortunately, despite the fear that is currently paralysing the film business, Cronenberg already has his nxt film in the can. Cosmopolis is an adaptation of Don DeLilo's novel about 24 hours in the life of a Manhattan multimillionaire. "I wrote the script in six days, because the book is so cinematic - the dialogue is incredible," Cronenberg says. "That was unusual for me - to write a script that quickly. But then it was waiting to go." The project was brought by him by veteran Portuguese producer, Paolo Branco. "He flew to Toronto," Cronenberg says, "He came with his son, and said, "My son says that you are the right director for this project."

The only issue was that Cronenberg was lined up to shoot A Dangerous Method. "But Paolo said, "I will wait for you." And he did securing the services of one Robert Pattinson in the meantime to play the leading role of Eric Packer, an asset manager who endures a surreal odyssey across New York when he sets out in his hi-tech limo to get his hair cut and finds the car stuck in a monumental traffic jam. "About 70% of it takes place in the back of a limo." confirms cronenberg who still had to deal with legions of R-Pattz fans during the shoot. "It sometimes was a little difficult. But Toronto is relatively repressed, i.e civilized."

Scans by @Mel452 via RPLife