RK Spotted Last Night at The Hotel Cafe. At Katy Perry's Film Set

Update! Pics of Rob and Kristen hanging out with friends from this night HERE

A few RK ninja sightings at The Hotel Cafe last night. If true, it looks like they were hanging with friends at a private Katy Perry event/film set for her movie, 'Part of Me.'

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@plataaax3 Saw Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at the bar, with @AlPal_23
Edward is definitely not as charming in person, or that tall. he was definitely there o the DL. Both hiding out in the corner in baseball caps. Didn't wanna ruin the night lol. shes tiny! And not as pretty. But she wasn't dressed to impress so just looked normal. They weren't even next to each other when I saw them. They were talking to other people on their own. Just chilled out. (Kristen) definitely pretty!! Just looked like a normal person. Wasn't all glammed up.

AlPal_23 About to be an extra in Katy Perry's movie with @plataaax3 Don't be surprised if you see a news clip about a girl dying from excitement

@xxJessyKaxx I also saw Robert Pattinson tonight. You know the vampire guy from Twilight? Team Edward.
He was at the Hotel Cafe watching Katy Perry perform for her Part Of Me movie. He wasn't with Kristen unfortunately. He was watching Katy Perry perform for her movie. He was hanging out back with a small group of people.
My mistake I remember I only caught a glimpse of her (Kristen). They were in the corner behind the bar wearing black hats. Hi! Yes she was there. I only got a glimpse of her. They didn't look too much like they wanted to be seen. They stood back by the bar behind the whole set instead of making their presence known. Attempting to be as much on the DL as possible it seemed like.. Yea he didn't try to be a main attraction since it was for Katy Perry. Katy Perry was filming her movie. They showed up to watch her perform and stood in the back by the bar. I didn't notice any PDA when I saw them. They were talking in a small group with people that seemed familiar with them.

Katy Perry and Rob's pal Shannon Woodward was also spotted at the location but this girl didn't see RK.
Purplerayna Still tripping out that I saw @katyperry play hotel cafe!  so inspired.
Oh yeah and @shannonwoodward stole my seat tonight! Lol its all good though
@stewartily unless they were wwwaaaaaaaayyy far back I didn't see them.. they could've come with shannon but idk.. didn't see them. nope pics weren't allowed.