New SWATH BTS Clips + On Set Interviews

March 23, 2012 Updated! All videos are now 1080p HD via ClevverTV
Snow White and the Huntsman Costume Designer, Colleen Atwood talks about dressing up each character. Amazing BTS footages and great on set interviews.

HD Screencaps posted HERE

Setting the Stage. Kristen's interview at 0:18 "The director, Rupert, conjured up visuals that absolutely transported you somewhere else and it wasn't at all what I expected."
Rupert Sanders at 1:32 "The Queen really symbolizes death and Snow White is the beating heart, this is an incredible opportunity to create a world that people have never seen before."

The Queen.
Kristen's interview at 0:54 Ravenna and Snow White are bound in a way.
1:39. She is perfect to play the queen because she's got this presence. She can level you.

 Kristen's SnowStew accent at 0:42 "What does she want from me?"

Colleen Atwood at 0:21 "The first character that I encountered on the film was Kristen Stewart who is playing Snow White. We didn't want her to be sort of a puff ball little Snow White. We want her to be sort of a badass Snow White like someone who is tough who already had a journey already at a very young age. We wanted to have a sort of a fairy tale quality to it without it all being all like fairy-like, so we decided to make it out of suede with stitched detail and a little bit of metal on it, to reflect that she was may be a little bit royal but not blinged out. The costume had to run for a long time through the story so we wanted it to be able to change. I under dress it with leather pants and boots that she could run in and do all of the things she had to do on the film because there's a lot of action in the film. As she goes to the woods, her dress undergoes different changes. It starts as a long dress, an overdress and then gets ripped away so you see the leather leggings underneath and a shorter top and that is mainly what she wears for the movie. At the end of the movie, she becomes sort of a heroine to the people's army and at that point to prepare her for battle we made her a hand-sculpted custom suit of armor that she wears for this sequence of the film."

Inside the Action. Kristen at 0:08 "Snow White is this great action-packed revenge movie."
0:31"Especially that speed with all of them going..."
1:02 "Snow White is innately defensive, so that its always down to that last second, and its just pick up an arrow. You're going to throw your drink on the ground and stand and go 'Yeah!'"
1:38 "We had so many real explosives going off and that is awesome

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