'Cosmopolis' Teaser Update. Teaser will be on line Tomorrow

Post Update! According to LeFilmCosmopolis  Cosmopolis teaser will be online tomorrow!

Via RPLife "And it is the official page since it's linked on the AlfamaFilms website"

It will be online tomorrow morning on WAT.TV and AllocineFr and It will be available both in French (with subtitles) and in English. Also, it will be longer than 10 seconds.
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via @Mel452

According to the French Cosmopolis page, the teaser should be out in a few days.
Le TEASER du film Cosmopolis vous sera dévoilé dans quelques jours..! Qu'attendez vous des premières images ?!
Translation: The Cosmopolis teaser will be revealed in a few days. What are you expecting to see in the first images?

via RPLife