Cosmopolis Teaser. Screencaps and GIFs. Running Time

Update: Music featured in the trailer is 10 Inch Nails - performed by Audiomachine via RPLife
According to Allocine Cosmopolis' Running Time is 1 hour and 48 minutes. via RPLife
From WAT_TV that has a page dedicated to Cosmopolis

Learn more about the scenes featured in the teaser trailer
Patricia Mackenzie, who plays Kendra, (part of Eric's security force) talks about the taser gun sex scene and Juliette Binoche (Didi Fancher, the Eric's art dealer) talks about filming the limo sex scene

In English HD(1080p) without subtitles from the Cosmopolis FB Page

And in Vimeo

YouTube Videos - Original Audio with French Subtitles in HD1080p

Dubbed in French - HD 1080p

Slower Version of the Teaser Via/Via
Thanks to RPLife for the GIF and screencaps.
HD Screencaps Download via TodoTwilightSaga

I seriously cannot breathe. Ohmagawd!



More screencaps/GIFs and the Allocine players under the CUT

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Allocine Players

Dubbed, no subtitles

Sexy GIFs - Click for bigger size

More Screencaps

HD Screencaps

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