Cosmopolis in Best Movie Mag. Quotes from Rob and David Cronenberg
Thanks Fra for the translation:

Fear and delirium in Manhattan.  "I'm scared" confesses Robert Pattinson.
"Fear for an actor is always a good thing. And he's fantastic, sensational, a great performer" responds indirectly David Cronenberg.
"The script is crazy and difficult," the actor continues.
"I felt he was the right person, I had an intuition. I know that for Robert this is a grand leap" echoes the director.
Distance dialogue between student and teacher, for months busy on the set of their first project together, the big screen adaptation of Cosmopolis, the surreal novel by Don DeLillo. "In the year 2000. One day in April" Thus begins the 24-hour-long odyssey of Eric Packer, a 28- year-old multimillionaire who, after leaving home in his white limousine to go to the barber, gets stuck in the traffic in central Manhattan and is involved in a series of events that will jeopardize his safety and his fortune ... It would be impossible to describe in few words the surreal journey the protagonist takes in a limitless Manhattan, a sort of virtual town where the limo floats like in a social network and chats with other "traces" of humanity. Between tasers, pies in the face, the threat of someone wanting to kill him (both a real person and the symbol of a humanity with no future) and the presence of his mysterious partner, ethereal woman, guardian angel, and constantly betrayed wife. After Crash, Cronenberg continues his exploration of the modern metropolitan world, hallucinated and perverse, with a cast which also includes Paul Giamatti, Juliette Binoche and Mathieu Amalric.

A MOVIE NOT TO BE MISSED to observe the modern world through Cronenberg's crazy look. And because it could be Pattinson's professional 'redemption'.

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