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Chris Hemsworth talks about Snow White and the Huntsman with SciFi Now Magazine
How was working with Kristen Stewart?
She was great. She had a very strong opinion of where she wants to take this character and a real sense of justice. She needed to start off innocent and naive, but get to the point where she's a hardened warrior and will no longer bow down to the pressure of the Evil Queen. We spend a lot of time through the film with scenes and working out how to drive the story forward. Is this moving forward or digression? If it is, we have to work it out and keep tracking it, which you always do, but she certainly didn't just roll on in and throw it to the side. She was right there among it.

Does this lend itself to a sequel?
I think it does. It's such a beautiful origin  story. If they come up with a script as good as the first one, I'm sure we're all on board. It's tricky though, because they raised the bar so much with this one.

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