Kristen talks to Premiere Magazine- France. SWATH On Set Interview


English Translation via kristenstewartfrance/@KSFranceCom

Revisiting Snow White today is before all a look and attitude business. Fun, funny, and coloured to one side; dark, tortured and gothic to the other. Speaking of look, a true shock aesthetic is waiting for us in Pinewood's corridor when Snow White/Kristen Stewart heads to us wearing the medieval armor that she wears in the movie. "I didn't want to play a Disney-style heroine,says the actress directly. I mean, come on look at me, I'm more like Joan of Arc right? In our version, Snow White's a warrior." A warrior that spends almost the all time yomping in the forest next to a quiet huntsman (Chris Hemsworth, the handsome Thor) and bringing together an army to evict the queen of her kingdom. If you hoped a scene where she's baking an apple pie while humming Someday My Prince Will Come, you might wait a long time. " It's good 'cause when I was a kid, I was never dressed up as a princess. My thing was more Dracula", she says with a smile, aware of the impact that has that kind of statement when the world still see her as Bella Swan in Twilight.. "But we're not here to play differences game," she says just before she was going back to the set. Before you go see the movie, reread the Grimm's version and you'll see that we stayed very close to it."

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