Pics of Rob and Kristen Leaving Marcus Foster's Concert in LA - March 24, 2012

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CelebGossip Rob and Kristen leaving Marcus Foster's concert last night .
If you missed the tweets/fan accounts from last night click HERE
Pictured with R/K their friends/Marcus' bandmates.

More pics under the CUT

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Can't vouch for this report but here goes...Celebuzz Update Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were photographed Saturday heading to watch good friend Marcus Foster perform at The Hotel Cafe, and a concertgoer is giving Celebuzz a few more details on our favorite couple’s night out.

“They were very low key, trying not to draw attention to themselves, but it still looked like they were having fun,” said an onlooker. “They were swaying to the music a little. Just looked like a normal couple out with friends.”

As for their PDA level? "I saw them quickly sneak a few kisses. Kristen was kind of in front of Rob, singing along at times. It was cute how he was looking on at her! They also held hands when they went to the backstage part."

So glad they had a fun night out! We’re also told after they left they grabbed some drinks with their group elsewhere before heading home together at the end of the night.